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What is it?

Run 'n' gun videogame. Alien's legion from a advanced planet came to Earth destroying everything thew saw in their way. An Earthling with strange powers decide to fight against them. You must destroy all robots and machines in your way and defeat the final boss, before your time is up.

How to play

With Xbox360 gamepad:

  • Use digital pad for menu and moves.
  • Use A for gun
  • Use X for jump
  • Use Start for Start and Pause.

With keyboard:

  • Use arrows and enter for select menu options.
  • Use arrows or AWDS keys for moves.
  • Use J for gun.
  • Use K for jump.
  • Use ESC for game pause.


  • Use Gun button + Up button for shoot to up.
  • Use Gun button + Jump button for shoot while float.
  • Use Gun button + Jump + Up button for shoot to up while float.



Graphic and sound Artist:

Install instructions

To run the game, unpack SOUL OF GUNNERS.zip and double clic Soul Of Gunners.exe.



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